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The traditional method of receivable management primarily focuses on large Tier 1 portfolios, usually overlooking high-volume, low-balance portfolios.

Fast and reliable partner

At AKCP, we provide near-instant liquidity without the need to wait for critical mass demanded by traditional buyers.  Our proprietary, machine learning algorithms allow AKCP to make informed, data-driven pricing decisions so that you can confidently dispose of small NPL portfolios on a regular basis.  In so doing, our clients can reliably reduce capital costs and bring forward balance sheet liquidity through customizable solutions that maximize ROI.

Embracing aged debt

We specialize in unlocking value from aged receivables portfolios and assist creditors by driving value creation to their bottom line. Where difficult debts comprise an average of 2-5% of turnover, AKCP can become a trusted partner and form part of a creditor’s recovery management strategy.

Resolving difficult NPLs

Some business sectors who have benefited from AKCP’s liquidity solutions

Download our introduction to ArborKnot Capital Partners

Download our introduction to ArborKnot Capital Partners