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We treat your customers as you would

There’s only one way to treat customers: with respect and dignity.

ArborKnot partners with a network of pre-approved asset servicers vetted against our key criteria — namely that they are equipped with sustainable technology aligned with AKCP’s social values and purpose. We don’t litigate, initiate bankruptcy against customers, on-sell portfolios or perpetuate the cycle of debt. 

ArborKnot have applied a social white wash to a number of unsecured personal lending  products that overtime had become highly punitive for debtors through excessive APRs. This democratisation and repositioning sees us transition the product on acquisition to a more customary personal instalment loan and results in positive outcomes throughout the borrowing ecosystem.

By adopting customer-first principles throughout all stages of engagement we safeguard a creditor’s reputation. In addition, we ensure that data risk is minimized by deploying sophisticated privacy & security protocols across our business practices, in strict adherence with local and state regulations.

Our Values

Look beyond the present to deliver the future

Earn the admiration of our customers

Executional excellence always

Take ownership of your actions

Have fun while being bold