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ArborKnot respects your privacy and takes all reasonable measures to protect your information. We take the approach of Privacy by design as our guiding principle in running our business, operations, our employees’ behavior and values and when we deal with our service providers.

Our Data Processing Addendum (DPA) describes our data handling and data processing activities and our Security Overview Page describes how we protect our company’s business and our clients’ data and information that we hold.

Please visit ArborKnot’s Privacy Policy page which outlines how we collect, hold, use, and share personal information about you.

Data Privacy and Compliance are important objectives of ArborKnot and we take a bottom-up approach, whereby we make sure our employees are aware of our privacy requirements and our process includes considering opportunities for improvement on a regular basis.

We provide our employees with mandatory privacy and compliance training to make sure that they are aligned with our privacy obligations and our internal requirements. We have internal policies and controls with respect of our code development processes and internal security to make sure our systems are appropriately secured.

Our data is securely stored in an advanced data warehouse that has implemented controls with respect to the security and access of personal and confidential information held by us and appropriate access control management for different roles performed by our staff.

ArborKnot is ISO 27001 / ISO 27701 certified and security controls audited by The Standards Institution of Israel, and SOC 2 approved by Ernst and Young Israel (*):

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If you still have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

(*) Please contact us if you would like to view our SOC 2 Type II report.