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ArborKnot Corporate Subsidiaries and Sub-processors

Last Update: October 25, 2022

The following lists provide information regarding third-party sub-processors and corporate subsidiaries of ArborKnot Ltd. (“ArborKnot”), currently authorized to process Personal Data of End Users for ArborKnot’s services. For purposes of this exhibit, the term “End Users” refers to the customers (debtors).

Sub-Processors used by ArborKnot product

We use the third parties listed below in ArborKnot Collection Services:

Name Description Location Retention Period Privacy Supported Documents
Google Cloud US Hosting USA No Deletion Privacy Policy
EU Hosting Germany
AUS Hosting Australia
Twilio FLEX Communication with customers via call center USA Data is deleted once the communication with the call center is complete Privacy Policy



Twilio Studio Campaign Communication


USA 30 days
Google Text to Speech


As part of the communication with the customer, the ArborKnot platform communicates via the voice channel. The content of the communication is created by ArborKnot and is converted into MP3 files using Google Text to Speech API, these files will be used for AK’s IVR system.

The MP3 files are created and processed on Google servers. As soon as the converted files are ready, they are copied to AK’s on-premise and are deleted from Google hosting servers.

USA 0 days Terms of Service


Privacy Policy


Data Retention Policy





When ArborKnot submits a WhatsApp message the request is triggered by Twilio utilizing Twilio and WhatsApp integration. The PI required for sending the message is removed from WhatsApp’s platform as soon as the message was delivered. USA 0 days  
SendGrid Inc. Cloud-based email service provider used to communicate emails to Shoppers USA 7 days  
Fat Zebra


As ArborKnot collects payment information, it prompts the customer to enter payment information, utilizing FatZebra integration, the payment information is submitted directly to FatZebra for processing and not saved on the ArborKnot data center. AUS 7 years


BridgerPay Payment Provider (TBD)      
Stripe Payment Provider (TBD)      
Retool CMS + UI management      
Melissa Phone and email validation USA    
Pipl Data Enrichment (phone, email, address)   0 days  
Typform Form Management      
Revive Offer customized financial services based on consent and Survey filled by debtor      


Only applicable to End Users located in the European Union: no personal data would be transferred outside the European Union in those cases where the summary table expressly states that a sub-processor has a physical location in the European Union.

Some additional sub-processors may be used by ArborKnot, depending on the choices made by the End Users in the platform and/or services offered by ArborKnot. As this may vary on a case-by-case basis,
please refer to [email protected] for further details.

Subsidiaries & Support

The following are ArborKnot’s subsidiaries that are bound via Intra company data sharing agreements:

Name Description Location
AKCP Management Pty Ltd ACN 650 955 721 Operating company Australia
AKCP Nominees Pty Ltd ACN 650 955 703 Operating company Australia
AKCP Holdings Pty Ltd ACN 644 137 735 Operating company Australia
AKCP Nominees 2 Pty Ltd ACN 650 952 882 Operating company Australia
Arbor Knot Gmbh Operating company Germany
AKCS Inc Operating company USA
Arbor Knot Inc Operating company USA
ArborKnot Management Inc Operating company USA
AKCP LLC Operating company USA
LC Lite Investment Fund SCSp Luxembourg
LC Lite Management S.à.r.l. Luxembourg

Please note that the access and/or transfer of the personal data between ArborKnot and the relevant ArborKnot’s subsidiary would only take place where it is necessary for the provision of services and/or for the fulfilment of legal obligations.

Changes to this list

*Please note that we update our data processing agreement with new integrations and sub-processors as they become relevant.

You can stay updated by submitting a request to [email protected]. We will send you a notification to inform you about any changes to the entities included in the list provided. We will only send you emails related to DPA updates.